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A charity which works with asylum seekers, refugees and local communities in Leeds and the surrounding areas.
Publisher of textbooks, academic and professional books.
Publisher and event organiser for professionals delivering public services. Produce journals and magazines, training materials and conferences.
The Local Authority for Pembrokeshire.
The Local Authority for Pendle.
People Can (formerly the Novas Scarman Group) is a partnership of voluntary sector housing, care and social economic organisations and works across the UK and Ireland.
The Local Authority for Perth & Kinross.
The Local Authority for Peterborough.
A national charity providing specialist treatment services for drug and alcohol users across the United Kingdom.
Publisher of academic journals in the fields of geography, physics and experimental psychology.
Publisher specialising in books on the social sciences and humanities.
Distributor of books published by Lemos and Crane.
The Local Authority for Plymouth.
A specialist publisher of books, journals, reports and guides by academics and researchers working in policy and practice.
The Local Authority for Poole.
A Kent based charity that works to change people’s lives for the better. Porchlight works with individuals, organisations and government to prevent the breakdown of communities and reduce poverty.
Distributors of Benefits: A Journal of Social Security Research, Policy and Practice.
The Local Authority for Portsmouth.
The Local Authority for Powys.
The Local Authority for Preston.
A charity formed by a partnership between Providence Row Night Refuge & Home and Providence Row Housing Association. Involved in a number of projects supporting homeless people in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and the City of London.
The Local Authority for Purbeck.
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