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The Local Authority for Halton.
The Local Authority for Hambleton.
The Local Authority for Harborough.
The Local Authority for Harlow.
Publisher of fiction and non-fiction books. Part of the Harper Collins group.
The Local Authority for Harrogate.
The Local Authority for Hart.
The Local Authority for Hartlepool.
The Local Authority for Hastings.
The Local Authority for Havant.
A charity which works to improve health and health services and eliminate health inequalities by building links between communities and the NHS. Works with the NHS on new ways of involving and training patients and communities, with a focus on '...
Independent body which helps protect public health through the provision of support and advice to the NHS, local authorities and other agencies.
National charity which campaigns on behalf of older people in the UK. Provides direct services such as sheltered accommodation, helplines and advice services. Produces publications, resource packs and free advice/information leaflets on a range of...
The local authority for Herefordshire.
The Local Authority for Hertsmere.
The Local Authority for High Peak.
The Local Authority for Highland.
The Local Authority for Hinckley & Bosworth.
A charity and umbrella organisation of the voluntary and social housing sector in Nottinghamshire.
Government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. The Research, Development and Statistics Directorate produces publications and research study's, many of which are available online.
Homeless Link is the charity and membership organisation serving agencies and individuals working with homeless people across England.
A government organisation that provides national support to housing information and advice services. It is based within Communities Scotland, the executive agency working for housing and regeneration in Scotland.
The Local Authority for Horsham.
A House of Commons lobby group in support of council housing.
Library and information resource of the lower house of the British Parliament. Compiles Research Papers (briefings on major issues and legislation) and Standard Notes (shorter, less formal briefings) which are available via the UK Parliament...
Network of voluntary and community sector housing and homelessness services operating across Yorkshire and Humberside. Produces website that aims to help HAYH members and other interested parties network, gain information, raise issues and share...
A consultancy company that produces books, briefings and a website on housing benefit. Offers courses and training.
A public body that regulated and supported social housing in England by working with Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and others to provide good homes for those in housing need. The Housing Corporation closed on 30 November 2008 but the website...
Christian organisation which aims to reduce homelessness and bad housing. Works with people of all faiths and none. Formed in 2003 from the merger of the Catholic Housing Aid Society (CHAS ) and the Churches National Housing Coalition.
Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network) is a national network for promoting new ideas in the delivery of housing care and support services for older and vulnerable people.
Teaching unit within Stirling University which carries out research on housing issues.
A charity operating as a membership organisation working to eradicate homelessness and poor housing throughout Northern Ireland. Provides advice, training and information about homelessness and other housing issues.
A company that manages the Housingnet website which indexes websites with a housing focus.
A not for profit organisation which produces a website about social housing.
The Local Authority for Hull.
A charity providing services for people with drug problems. Also produces publications on drug issues. Part of Turning Point.
The Local Authority for Huntingdonshire.
The Local Authority for Hyndburn.
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