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The Local Authority for Gateshead.
The Local Authority for Gedling.
The Local Authority for Glasgow.
A charity that raises awareness about single homelessness, improves services for single homeless people and works towards eradicating homelessness.
Charity that works with homeless people in Glasgow. Provides street work, accommodation, training and resettlement services.
Charity working with young people with housing problems in Gloucester and Stroud.
The Local Authority for Gloucester.
The Local Authority for Gosport.
Government body responsible for ensuring national policies are effectively delivered in London.
Website of the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP.
The Local Authority for Gravesham.
Under the direction of the Mayor, the Greater London Authority exists to provide strategic direction and citywide government for London.
A national charity supporting a network of projects committed to inclusive approaches to tackling homelessness, poverty and exclusion.
Online resource of the Guardian newspaper. Contains a homelessness section within Society Guardian.
The Local Authoirty for Guildford.
The Local Authority for Gwynedd.
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