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Publications from this publisher

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A Family Support Service for Homeless Children and Parents: Users' Perspectives and Characteristics Tischler, Victoria et al 2004
Associations Between Migrancy, Health and Homelessness: A Cross-Sectional Study Tompkins, Charlotte et al 2003
Can a Health Advocate for Homeless Families Reduce Workload for the Primary Healthcare Team: A Controlled Trial. Reilly, S et al 2004
Causes of Homelessness in the UK: A Dynamic Analysis Anderson, Isobel and Christian, Julie 2003
Complicated Problems, Complicated Solutions? Homelessness and Joined-up Policy Responses Roche, Martin 2004
Ex-Servicemen on the Road: Travel and Homelessness Higate, P 2000
Homelessness, Mental Illness and Citizenship Rowe, Michael et al 2002
Institutional Racism in Bureaucratic Decision-Making: A Case Study in the Administration of Homelessness Law Halliday, Simon 2000
Led Rather than Leading? Research on Homelessness in Britain Pleace, Nicholas and Quilgars, Deborah 2003
Partnership and Policy Networks in Rural Local Governance: Homelessness in Taunton Cloke, P, Milbourne, P and Widdowfield, R 2000
Pathways Approaches to Homelessness Research Clapham, David 2003
Researching Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in the Scottish Context Third, Hilary 2000
Responding to Homelessness: An Overview of US and UK Policy Interventions O'Connell , Mary 2003
Rooflessness in London Dowding, Keith and King, Desmond 2000
Schizophrenia in Homeless Persons: A Systematic Review of the Literature Folson, D and Jeste, D 2002
Synthesizing Homelessness Research: Trends, Lessons and Prospects Anderson, Isobel 2003
Tackling the Needs of the Homeless: A Controlled Trial of Health Advocacy Graham-Jones, S et al 2004
The Attitudes of Medical Students towards Homeless People: Does Medical School Make a Difference? Masson, Neil and Lester, Helen 2003
The Effects of Social Identification, Norms and Attitudes on Use of Outreach Services by Homeless People Christian, Julie and Abrams, Dominic 2003
The Mental Health of Children in Homeless Families and their Contact with Health, Education and Social Services Cumella, S, Grattan, E and Vostanis, P 1998
Unmet Drug and Alcohol Service Needs of Homeless People in London: A Complex Issue Fountain, J, Howes, S and Strang, J 2003
Who Uses Services for Homeless People? An Investigation Amongst People Sleeping Rough in London Fountain, Jane et al 2002
Young Homeless People and Service Provision Reid, P and Klee, H 1999