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Publications from this publisher

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A Bibliography of Single Homelessness Research Klinker, S and Fitzpatrick, S 2000
Access to Housing: Homelessness and Vulnerability in Europe Edgar, Bill and Doherty, Joe 2002
Begging Questions Edited by Dean, Hartley 1999
Benefits: A Journal of Social Security Research, Policy and Practice Policy Press
Community Care, Housing and Homelessness Means, R and Smith, R 1996
Getting By: The Links Between Begging and Rough Sleeping in Glasgow and Edinburgh Fitzpatrick, Suzanne and Kennedy, Catherine 2000
Getting Through the Maze Parry, Sian and Means, Robin 1999
Home Sweet Home? The Impact of Poor Housing on Health Marsh, Alex et al. 1999
Homelessness: Exploring the New Terrain Edited by Kennett, Patricia and Marsh, Alex 1999
Housing Associations - Rehousing Women Leaving Domestic Violence Davis, C 2003
Immigration and Homelessness in Europe Edgar, B, Doherty, J and Meert, H (eds) 2004
Lost From View: Missing Persons in the UK Biehal, N, Mitchell, F and Wade, J 2003
Making it Work: The Keys to Success for Young People Living Independently Harding, J 2004
Making the Homeless Count? Enumerating Rough Sleepers and the Distortion of Homelessness Cloke, P, Milbourne, P and Widdowfield, R 2001
Managing to Survive Zetter, Roger and Pearl, Martyn 1999
Not Mad, Bad or Young Enough: Helping Young Homeless People with Mental Health Problems Watson, Lynn 1999
Older People and Homelessness: A Story of Greed, Violence, Conflict and Ruin Hawes, Derek 1997
Review of Single Homelessness Research: Research Summaries Klinker et al. 2000
Rough Sleeping in Rural England: Challenging a Problem Denied Robinson, David 2004
Rural Homelessness: Issues, Experiences and Policy Responses Cloke, Paul, Milbourne, Paul and Widdowfield, Rebekah 2002
Services for Homeless People Edgar, B, Doherty, J and Mina-Coull, A 1999
Single Homelessness: An Overview of Research in Britain Fitzpatrick, S, Kemp, P and Klinker S 2000
Support and Housing in Europe: Tackling Social Exclusion in Europe Edgar, Bill, Doherty, Joe and Mina-Coull, Amy 2000
The Rural Housing Question Satsangi, M, Gallent, N and Bevan, M 2010
The State of UK Housing. 2nd Edition. Leather, P and Revell, K 2000
Two Steps Forward: Housing Policy in the New Millennium Cowan, D and Marsh, A (Eds) 2001
Women and Homelessness in Europe Edgar, Bill and Doherty, Joe (ed) 2001