A national charity for single homeless people. Provides projects offering practical help, carries out research and publishes reports and books on homelessness issues. Website with page on latest policy and research findings. Merged with Off the Streets and into Work (OSW) in April 2010.


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Publications from this publisher

Titlesort icon Author Year
A Future Foretold: New Approaches to Meeting the Long-term Needs of Single Homeless People Lemos, Gerard with Goodby, Gill 1999
A new drive to end homelessness in London Crisis 2012
A Question of Vulnerability - Single Homeless People and Access to Social Housing (Brief) Crisis 2002
A Review of Government Policies that Have an Impact on the Single Homeless Parsons, Naomi and Palmer, Guy 2004
A Review of Single Homelessness in the UK 2000 - 2010 Jones, Anwen and Pleace, Nicholas 2010
About Homelessness: Causes and Consequences Crisis
Access to Mainstream Public Services for Homeless People: A Literature Review Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion 2005
Accessing the Private Rented Sector: The Cost Effectiveness of Deposit Guarantee Schemes in Scotland Crisis 2009
Bricks without Mortar Foord, M, Palmer, J and Simpson, D 1998
Changing Lives Alexander, K and Ruggieri, S 1998
Checklist on health for local authorities or PCTs working on their homelessness strategy (brief) Gorton, S 2003
Closing the Bullring Thames Reach 1998
Collective intelligence: an evaluation of the WILLOW project Jane Luby & Janet Clark 2011
Compassion not coercion - Addressing the issue of begging (brief) Crisis 2003
Crisis Policy Briefing: Housing Benefit Cuts Crisis 2010
Crisis Policy Briefing: Introduction to Homelessness & Housing Crisis 2010
Crisis Policy Briefing: The Private Rented Sector Crisis 2010
Crisis report published on 1st year private renting schemes Crisis 2012
Crisis Website Crisis
Crisis' Submission to St Mungo's Call for Evidence on Mental Health and Street Homelessness Crisis 2009
Critical Condition: Homeless People's Access to GPs Crisis 2002
Daytime Homelessness Jones, Anwen and Pleace, Nicolas 2005
Employment Success Factors for Homeless People with Health Conditions Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion 2006
Engaging Young Homeless People: Crisis' experience of being involved in the v programme Teasdale, Simon 2008
European Research Study into Homelessness and Employment Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion 2007
Falling Out: A Research Study of Homeless Ex-Service People (Full Report) Randall, Geoffrey & Brown, Susan 1994
Forgotten Mothers: Meeting the Needs of Homeless Women Who Have Lost Their Children Hinton, Teresa 1999
From the Margins to the Mainstream: A New Model of Public Service Delivery Crisis 2005
Guide to Models of Delivering Health Services to Homeless People Gorton, Sarah 2003
Health Action Zones Crisis 2000
Health and Homelessness Crisis 1998
Health Improvement Programmes Crisis 1999
Health in Homelessness Strategies Gorton, Sarah 2003
Health Promotion and Single Homeless People Crisis 1997
Healthy Hostels: A Guide to Promoting Health and Well-being Among Homeless People Hinton, T, Evans, N and Jacobs, K 2001
Hidden but not Forgotten - The Experiences of Hostel Residents Baker, Oswin 2001
Hidden Homelessness Briefing Paper Crisis 2001
Hidden Homelessness: 17 Solutions Hilal, Tarig 2004
Hidden Homelessness: Britain's Invisible City Crisis 2004
Hitting Home: access schemes and the changes to the Local Housing Allowance Teixeira, L. and Sanders, B. 2012
Home and Dry? Homelessness and Substance Use Fountain, J, Howes, S and Baker, O (ed) 2002
Homeless People and Learning and Skills: Participation, Barriers and Progression Crisis 2006
Homeless Truths Crane, Maureen 1997
Homeless Women Who Have Lost Their Children Crisis 1998
Homeless Women: Homelessness Careers, Homelessness Landscapes Reeve K, Goudie R and Casey R 2007
Homeless Women: Still Being Failed Yet Striving to Survive Reeve K, Casey R and Goudie R 2006
Homeless Young Women and Pregnancy: Pregnancy in Hostels for Single Homeless People Gorton, Sarah 2000
Homelessness and Loneliness: The Want of Conviviality Lemos, Gerard 2000
Homelessness Factfile Warnes, Anthony, et al 2003
Homelessness Kills - An analysis of the mortality of homeless people in early twenty-first century England Thomas, B. 2012
Homelessness: A silent killer Crisis 2011
Homes and Jobs for All. Meeting the Crisis, Rising to the Challenge Crisis 2008
Hosting Praxis 1998
Housing Benefit Mythbuster Crisis 2010
Housing Benefit Survey 2010 Crisis 2010
Housing Benefits, Not Barriers Crisis and Shelter 2008
How Many, How Much? Kenway, Peter and Palmer, Guy 2003
In Work Staying Better Off evaluation Professor Leroy White with Richard Doust 2011
In Work, Better Off: Next Steps to Full Employment Crisis 2007
Include Me In: How Life Skills Help Homeless People Back into Work Lownsbrough, Hannah 2005
Involving Homeless People Crisis 1998
Key Principles for Private Rented Sector Access Schemes: Guidance for those Assisting Homeless and Vulnerable People to Access Private Rented Accommodation Crisis 2009
Lest We Forget: Ex-servicemen and Homelessness Ballintyne, Scott and Hanks, Sinead 2000
Lest we forget: Ex-servicemen and homelessness (full report) Ballintyne, Scott & Hanks, Sinead 2000
Life on the Margins: The Experiences of Homeless People Living in Squats Reeve, Kesia and Coward, Sarah 2004
Living in Fear: Violence and Victimisation in the Lives of Single Homeless People Newburn, Tim and Rock, Paul 2005
Living Places: Powers, Rights and Responsibilities Crisis
Lost Voices: The Invisibility of Homeless People with Multiple Needs Crof-White, Claire and Parry-Crooke, Georgie 2004
Mental Health and Homelessness Crisis 1997
Mental Ill Health in the Adult Single Homeless Population: A Review of the Literature Rees, Sian 2009
Missed Opportunities: The Case for Investment in Learning and Skills for Homeless People Crisis 2006
National Service Frameworks: Mental Health Implications for People who are Homeless Crisis 2000
New Directions for Renting Crisis and NLA 2009
Nine Lives Richardson, H (Ed.) 1994
No Light at the End of the Tunnel Harding, J and Kirk, R 1996
No room available: study of the availability of shared accommodation Teixeira, L. and Sanders, B. 2012
No-one's Priority: The Treatment of Single Homeless People by Local Authority Homelessness Services Crisis 2009
Not Just Another Form: A Guide to Measuring Single Homelessness Evans, A, Zimmick, M, Hutson, S and Smith, R 2001
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Homeless Women Speak Out Jones, Anwen 1999
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Experiences of Homeless Women Jones, Anwen 1999
Out of the Shadow: Detecting and Treating Tuberculosis Amongst Single Homeless People Citron, Kenneth 1995
Outcry Crisis
Paved With Gold? The Reality of Homelessness in London Alexander, K and Ruggeri, S 1999
Pressure Points: Why People with Mental health Problems Become Homeless Dean, R and Craig, T 1999
Prevention is Better than Cure Randall, Geoffrey and Brown, Susan 1999
Primary Care Groups: Getting Homelessness on to the Agenda Crisis 1999
Primary Health Care Teams for Single Homeless People in London. Fact Sheet 10. Crisis 2000
Private Access, Public Gain: The Use of PRS Access Schemes to House Single Homeless People Luby, Jane 2008
Private Rented Sector Access Schemes in London Hoffland, Antoinette and Watson, Peter 2007
Private Rented Sector Website Crisis
Sexuality and Homelessness Crisis 2005
Sick to Death of Homelessness: An Investigation into the links between Homelessness, Health and Mortality Keyes, S and Kennedy, M 1992
Single homeless people’s experiences of the Work Capability Assessment Crisis 2012
Skills for Life The Community Partners 1998
Squatting: a homelessness issue. An evidence review Reeve, K. 2011
Staircases, Elevators and Cycles of Change: 'Housing First' and other Housing Models for Homeless People with Complex Support Needs Johnsen, Sarah and Teixeira, Ligia 2010
Steps off the Streets: Solutions to Street Homelessness Randall G and Brown S 2006
Still Dying for a Home Grenier, Paola 1996
Still Left Out? The Rough Sleepers '205' Initiative One Year On Teixeira, Ligia 2010
Strong Foundations: Reviewing Crisis' Volunteering Programme Stuart, Joanna 2009
Survival Skills: Using Life Skills to Tackle Social Exclusion Lownsbrough, H, Thomas, G and Gillinson, S 2004
The Costs and Benefits of Formal Work for Homeless People Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion 2006
The Hidden Truth about Homelessness: Experiences of Single Homelessness in England Kesia Reeve with Elaine Batty, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research 2011
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The homelessness monitor: England 2013 Fitzpatrick.S, Etal. 2014
The homelessness monitor: England 2012 Fitzpatrick, S. et al 2012
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The programme's not working: experiences of homeless people on the Work Programme Crisis, Homeless Link, St Mungo's 2012
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They Think I Don't Exist: The Hidden Nature of Rural Homelessness Evans, Angela 1999
Trouble at Home: Family Conflict, Young People and Homelessness Randall, Geoff and Brown, Susan 2001
Understanding the New NHS - A Guide to the New NHS for Voluntary Homelessness Organisations Ban-Anthony, Bolaji 2003
Unlocking Potential, Transforming Lives: An Evaluation of Crisis SmartSkills Crisis 2009
Valuable Lives: Capabilities and Resilience Amongst Single Homeless People Smith, Joan et al 2008
Walk on By: Begging, Street Drinking and the Giving Age Danczuk, Simon 2000
We are Human Too: A Study of People Who Beg Murdoch, Alison 1994
Words from the Street: The Views of Homeless People Today Ruggieri, Sofie 1998
Working with the private rented sector to tackle youth homelessness Luby, J., Gallagher, J. and Clark, J. 2012
Young, Hidden and Homeless 2012
Your Place, Not Mine: The Experiences of People Staying with Family and Friends Crisis 2003
‘Homelessness and Loneliness’ The want of conviviality Gerard Lemos 2000