A national charity that works on behalf of homeless and badly housed people. Campaigns through research, policy, parliamentary campaigning and media work. Also provides publications, training and a network of housing advice services. See also Shelter Cymru and Shelter Scotland.


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Publications from this publisher

Titlesort icon Author Year
A Licence to Rent? How Regulating the Private Sector can mean a Better Deal for Tenants, Landlords and Taxpayers Shelter 2009
A Question of Choice: Good Practice and Issues in Choice-Based Letting Grannum, C 2005
A Route to Homelessness? Rugg, Julie 2008
Acting on Advice Lewis, Helen 2004
Addressing Antisocial Behaviour: An Independent Evaluation of Shelter Inclusion Project Jones, A et al 2006
Against the Odds: An Investigation Comparing the Lives of Children on Either Side of Britain's Housing Divide Rice, B 2006
All About Homelessness Stone, Esther 2004
Allocations and Exclusions: The Impact of New Approaches to Allocating Social Housing on Those in Housing Need Smith, R, Sterling, T, Papps, P, Evans, A, Rowlands, R 2001
Back on Track: A Good Practice Guide to Addressing Antisocial Behaviour Cullen, Sue 2006
Bad for Business: Company Employees and their Housing Problems Walker, Richard 1997
Bed and Breakfast - The Way Forward Shelter 2001
Bricks or benefits? Webb, K. 2012
Building for the Future: 2005 Update Holmans, A, Monk, S, Luanaigh, A N and Whitehead, C 2005
Building For The Future: The Homes We Need And How To Pay For Them Bacon, Nicola 2000
Built to Last? Reflections on British Housing Policy. 2nd Edition. Goodwin, John and Grant, Carol (Ed) 1997
Closing the Gap: A National Consultation of People Who Have Experienced Homelessness Waller, Steve 2000
Council Tenants' Wallchart. 2nd Edition. Shelter 2003
Court Procedures and Housing Cases: A Practioner's Guide Palmer, R and Parry, M 2002
Crowded House: Cramped Living in England's Housing Reynolds, Liam, Robinson, Nicola and Diaz, Rita 2004
Divided Lives: Split Households and Homelessness Policy and Practice Baker, Leila 1996
England Repossession Risk Hotspots 2011/12 Shelter 2012
Ethnicity and Housing Diaz, Rita 1998
Evaluation of Crisis Ethical Enterprise and Employment (3xE) Network for Social Enterprise and Homelessness Grimes, A. 2012
Eviction Risk Monitor Shelter 2011
Far From Home: The Housing of Asylum Seekers in Private Rented Accommodation Garvie, Deborah 2001
Firm Foundations: Evaluation Report and Good Practice Guide Shelter 2002
First Step or Last Resort? Young People and Hostel Use on Merseyside Scanlon, P and Wigglesworth, R 2001
Food for Thought: Soup-Runs and Soup-Kitchens - A Good Practice Briefing Shelter 2005
From Pillar to Post: Failing to Meet the Support and Housing Needs of Vulnerable People Waters, Matthew 1999
Full House? How Overcrowded Housing Affects Families Reynolds, Liam 2005
Funding the Homelessness service Shelter 2012
Generation Squalor: Shelter's National Investigation into the Housing Crisis Shelter 2005
Good Practice Briefing: Barred from Housing Shelter 2007
Good Practice Briefing: Gypsies and Travellers Shelter 2007
Good Practice Briefing: Tenancies for Minors Shelter 2007
Guide to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit 2010-2011 Zebedee, J, Ward, M and Lister, S 2010
Guide to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit 2011-2012 Shelter 2011
Health and Housing: How Homelessness and Bad Housing Impact on Physical Health Shelter 2000
Healthy Relationships? Health and Social Services Engagement in Homelessness Strategies and Services Shelter 2003
Home Owners' Wallchart. 10th Edition. Shelter 2005
Home Sick: Shelter and Bradford & Bingley's Campaign for Healthy Homes Ballinger, Steve 2002
Home Truths: The Reality Behind our Housing Aspirations Edwards, L 2005
Homelessness Act Website Shelter
Homelessness and Suicide Baker, Leila 1997
Homelessness Wallchart (England and Wales). 5th Edition Shelter 2005
Homelessness Wallchart (Scotland). 2nd Edition Shelter 2005
Homelessness: Early Identification and Prevention Cullen, S, Byrne S and Hayes, P 2007
Homelessness: What's Gender Got to Do With It? Cramer, Helen with Carter, Mary 2002
House Keeping: Preventing Homelessness through Tackling Rent Arrears in Social Housing Neuberger, Jenny 2003
Housemate Primary Guide Shelter 2002
Housemate Secondary Guide Shelter 2002
Housemate Website Shelter
Housing Advice Factsheets Shelter
Housing Aid Update Shelter
Housing and Homelessness Diaz, R 2005
Housing Benefit Wallchart Shelter 2009
Housing Finance: A Basic Guide. 5th Revised Edition Aughton, H and Malpass, P 1999
Housing in Transition Shelter 2012
Housing Law Update Shelter
Housing Rights Guide 2010/2011 Randall, Geoffrey 2010
Housing Rights Guide 2011/2012 Zebedee, John, Ward, Martin & Lister, Sam 2011
How Many Homes Will We Need? The Need for Affordable Homes in England Holmans, A, Morrison, N and Whitehead, C 1998
Irish People and Housing Diaz, Rita 2000
Know Your Place: Housing Wealth and Inequality in Great Britain 1980-2003 and Beyond Thomas, Bethan and Dorling, Danny 2004
Know Your Rights: Information about Housing and Homelessness for Young People Shelter 2009
Listen up: The Voices of Homeless Children Mustafa, Zoya 2004
Living in Limbo: Survey of Homeless Households Living in Temporary Accommodation Mitchell, Fiona et al 2004
Local Authority Progress and Practice - Local Authorities and the Homelessness Act 2002 Six Months On Credland, Sarah 2003
Local Authority Progress and Practice: Homelessness Act 2002 Implementation Research Credland, Sarah 2002
Local Authority Progress and Practice: Local Authorities and the Homelessness Act 2002 - The First Year Credland, Sarah 2003
Local Decisions on Tenure Reform Garvie, D. 2012
Making Connections: Tackling Youth Homelessness Through a Multi Agency Strategy Rugg, Julie 1999
Mediation for Young Homeless People: A Good Practice Guide Cullen, Sue 2004
Mental Health and Homelessness Diaz, Rita 2000
Mentoring and Befriending for Young Homeless People Cullen, Sue 2006
Mobile Homes: An Occupier's Guide. 2nd Edition. Kenny, P and Thorpe, H 1997
More Priority Needed: The Impact of Legislative Changes on Young Homeless People's Access to Housing and Support Anderson, I and Thomson, S 2005
More than a Number: Report on the Analysis of ODPM Homelessness Statistics (Financial Year 2001/2002) Meth, Fiona and Wigglesworth, Rachel 2003
New Directions in Street Homelessness: A Good Practice Guide to Supporting Service Users with Complex Needs Everitt, Grant and McKeown, Steve 2006
No Excuse Not To Build; Meeting Housing Need Through Existing Stock and the Planning Framework Kleinman, Mark et al 1999
No Place Like Home? Addressing the Issues of Housing and Migration O'Hara, Elizabeth 2008
No Place to Learn: Homelessness and Education Power, S, Whitty, G and Youdell, D 1995
No Room to Play: Children and Homelessness - Shelter's Submission to the Spending Review Shelter 2002
Off the Streets: Tackling Homelessness among Female Street-Based Sex Workers Davis, Jon 2004
On the Up: The Housing Crisis in the North Grannum, Catherine 2004
Policy Briefing: Homelessness Prevention Shelter 2007
Policy Briefing: Homelessness Prevention and Mediation Shelter 2007
Policy Briefing: Homelessness Prevention and Sanctuary Schemes Shelter 2007
Policy Briefing: Homelessness Prevention and the Private Rented Sector Shelter 2007
Preventing Homelessness: Supporting Tenants with Alcohol Problems Morrish, Paul 1996
Priced Out: The Rising Cost of Rural Homes Shelter 2004
Private Rent Watch Report 1 - Analysis of local rent levels and affordability Shelter 2011
Private Tenancies - Paying a Deposit Shelter 2005
Private Tenancies: Paying Your Rent Shelter 2001
Private Tenants' Rights to Fire Safety Shelter 2000
Reaching Out Shelter 2007
Relationship Breakdown and Housing: A Practical Guide. 2nd Edition Moroney, L 2003
Repossessions Hotspots Shelter 2011
Research summary: Experiences of housing problems in England and Wales, 2006 to 2010 Shelter 2011
Response: Homelessness (suitability) consultation. Shelter 2012
Risks: Home Ownership and Job Insecurity Ford, Janet 1998
Roof Shelter
Safe and Secure? The Private Rented Sector and Security of Tenure Reynolds, L 2005
Safe as Houses Mckeown, Steve 2006
Settling Down: Preventing Family Homelessness through Tenancy Sustainment Neuberger, Jenny 2003
Sexual Exclusion: Issues and Best Practice in Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Housing and Homelessness Gold, Deborah 2005
Shelter Guides: Finding a Place to Live Shelter 2008
Shelter Guides: Homeless? Read This Shelter 2009
Shelter Guides: Housing Association Tenancies Shelter 2002
Shelter Guides: Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance Shelter 2008
Shelter Guides: Mobile Homes Shelter
Shelter Guides: Mortgage Arrears Shelter
Shelter Guides: Private Tenancies Shelter 2006
Shelter Guides: Rent Arrears Shelter 2008
Shelter Guides: Young People Shelter 2002
Shelter Housing Databank Shelter 2011
Shelter Inclusion Project: Managing Anti-Social Behaviour in the Community - Five Years On Shelter 2007
Shelter Inclusion Project: Two Years On Jones, A et al 2005
Shelter Website Shelter
Sick and Tired: The Impact of Temporary Accommodation on the Health of Homeless People Credland, Sarah 2004
Street Homelessness Carter, Mary 2001
Supporting 16 and 17 Year Olds Making Homelessness Applications Scott, Michele and White, Stephen 2006
Sustain private rented sector research project. Smith, M. 2012
Taking the Strain: The Private Rented Sector in the Recession Reynolds, Liam and Smith, Jackie 2009
The Act in Action: An Assessment of Homelessness Reviews and Strategies Credland, Sarah 2003
The Benefits of Better Homes: The Case for Good Quality Affordable Housing Whitehead, Christine 1998
The Black and Minority Ethnic Housing Crisis Garvie, D 2004
The Future of Social Housing Shelter 2008
The Last Resort: Living in Bed and Breakfast in the 1990s Carter, Mary 1997
The Lettings Lottery: The Range and Impact of Homelessness and Lettings Policies Shelter 2001
Toying with their Future: The Hidden Cost of the Housing Crisis Shelter 2004
Value for Money in Housing Options and Homelessness Services Cunningham, M and Awbery, M 2010
We'd Love to Help But.. Birch, Julian 1998
Which Way Out? Borrowers with Long Term Mortgage Arrears Ford, Janet 1995
Who Says There's No Housing Problem? 4th Edition. Diaz, R 2001
Women and Housing Stone, Esther 1997
Young People and Homelessness Diaz, R 2005
Youth Housing Strategies: A Good Practice Guide Cullen, S 2004