Survey of Needs & Provision (SNAP) 2011

Homeless Link
Homeless Link
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Homeless Link published the first Survey of Needs and Provision (SNAP) in February 2008. The 2011 report provides an updated picture of the extent and nature of services for homeless people and tracks changes compared to previous years. The report is based on the findings of a telephone survey of 500 homelessness provider organisations conducted on behalf of Homeless Link in September 2010 and on information taken from the Homeless UK (HUK) database of 3000 services.

SNAP allows service providers, local authorities, commissioners and policy makers to see where services fit into the national picture. It provides key evidence on the characteristics of homeless people and their service needs. Information in SNAP can be used in the following ways:

  • as supporting evidence in proposals for service provision
  • to inform strategies for homelessness policy and services
  • to help determine decisions about awards of contracts for service provision
  • to complement other homelessness research.
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