The Impact of Devolution: Housing and Homelessness

Wilcox, Steve et al
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
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Report on the post-devolution differences in housing policy in the four countries of the UK, and the impact these have had on low-income households. Chapters on the 1999 devolution settlement for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland; economic and social trends, housing supply, access and quality; and homelessness. Section on homelessness provides background information on homelessness in the four countries, and covers legislative divergence post-devolution, trends in statutory homelessness, housing homeless people (and the impact on non-homeless households), prevention of homelessness, housing support for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. Findings include an increase in levels of statutory homelessness in all four UK countries in the period after devolution (but a sharp decline in England and Wales since the introduction of the prevention agenda), and a more extensive safety net in Scotland.

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