Where can I find academic research databases and journals?

Homeless Pages provides details of reports, books and online resources which deal with homelessness and related issues. Its focus is less on academic journal articles, which are searchable via a number of academic databases and also via Google Scholar scholar.google.com

Details of some key academic databases and journals which may be of interest to users of Homeless Pages are given below. We would welcome suggestions for others (please use the ‘Suggest Publication’ tab).

The following databases are likely to be freely available to enrolled students at most colleges and universities. For non-students, access to all the resources listed below is available free at the British Library. Users need to register first for a reader’s pass, giving proof of home address and signature. Full details are available via the website www.bl.uk. It may also be worth asking about access at some other larger public libraries, though they almost certainly won’t subscribe to the journals referenced.

• Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA)
Indexing and abstracting tool covering journal articles from a wide range of English language journals published in the UK and US. Subjects include housing and overcrowding.

• International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
Online bibliography for social science and interdisciplinary research produced by the library at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and published by Proquest.

• Social Policy and Practice
Bibliographic database with abstracts covering evidence-based social policy, public health, social services, and mental and community health.

• Social Sciences Citation Index
Accessed via Web of Science, an online academic service provided by publishers Thomson Reuters. Citation database covering more than 1,700 journals of social sciences. Fee-based service.

Visitors to these online journals are asked to register, which is free and only takes a minute. Access to abstracts is also free, but a charge is made to view full articles. Students are advised to consult their college or university library to find out whether they can get free access to online resources. The British Library provides free access to all these journals except the European Journal of Homelessness, which can be viewed online.

There are also some open access journals, which are available online at no cost. Access to some UK and non-UK articles is available via the Directory of Open Access Journals www.doaj.org

• Housing Care and Support
Quarterly journal for professionals working in supported housing. Articles: pay per view/by subscription. http://pierprofessional.metapress.com/content/121402/

• Housing Studies
Via Informa World, where Taylor and Francis (link to publisher) academic and specialist journals are listed. Abstracts: free (need to register). Articles: pay per view/by subscription. http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/02673037.asp 

 • Journal of Social Policy
Via dedicated journals site of Cambridge University Press. Abstracts: free. Articles: pay per view/by subscription.

• European Journal of Homelessness
Via FEANTSA. Free. Also hosts European Publications Database.