What sort of information about homelessness is published in the UK?

There are currently over 1,600 publications listed on Homeless Pages, published by about 120 voluntary organisations, 30 commercial publishers, 30 statutory bodies and over 400 local authorities.

The key organisations publishing information about homelessness in the different parts of the UK are:
UK - Shelter,
England - Homeless Link, Shelter, Crisis, and the Department for Communities and Local Government,
Northern Ireland - Housing Rights Service,
Scotland - Shelter Scotland, Scottish Council for Single Homeless,
Wales - Shelter Cymru.

There are many other agencies that publish resources about issues relating to, but not exclusively about, homelessness e.g. mental health.

Local authority Homelessness Strategies are important (and often the only) sources of information about the levels of homelessness, the extent of services for homeless people and plans for tackling homelessness in local areas.