How can I find good practice to help my organisation improve services to homeless people?

The Good Practice keyword lists information and guidance about improving services available to homeless people.

The Evaluation and Monitoring keyword includes resources which give guidance on and examples of monitoring and evaluation of services.

Homeless Link publishes a number of good practice handbooks: Emergency Accommodation for Homeless People: Good Practice Companion, the Resettlement Handbook, Streets Ahead: Good Practice in Tackling Rough Sleeping through Street Outreach Services, and the Day Centres Handbook.

Some organisations also provide guidance on good practice and how to translate legislation and policy into practice, for example the Chartered Institute of Housing produces a range of Good Practice Briefings.

If no resources are currently available on the topic you are interested in, it can be useful to find out if there are any similar established services (e.g. that have already developed particular types of services or are providing services to a particular client group). You can do this by contacting staff in local day centres, advice services or hostels and asking them if they know whether such services exist.